Michael Phelps is back on the market

It's end of a golden era, ladies and gentlemen. Attempt to contain your grief over this news.

Baltimore's own Olympic legend, Michael Phelps, has parted ways with longtime girlfriend Nicole Johnson, the New York Post reports.

Phelps and Johnson, a former Miss California, had dated off an on over a span of several years. Johnson had gone with Phelps to July's FINA world championships in Shanghai, according to the Post.

Phelps didn't make the same kind of waves (terrible pun intended) in Shanghai as he did in an earlier trip to China -- perhaps you recall that one -- but, hey, getting to spend time with Nicole Johnson isn't too shabby.

Phelps, who is training for this year's Olympic Games in London, reportedly spent New Year's Eve in New York, while Johnson tweeted that she celebrated the holiday in Los Angeles with friends.

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