A shirtless Terrell Suggs teamed up with PETA

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs is used to chasing down opposing quarterbacks. Now Suggs is joining PETA in going after fur farms that kill foxes, minks and rabbits -- even dogs and cats -- to make coats out of their pelts.

Suggs will appear in an ad for PETA. He won’t be butt naked like Willis McGahee was in his PETA ad back when he played for the Ravens, but hey ladies, he’s shirtless. You can check out the Suggs PETA ad here.

"Once I saw what they do to the animals, you know, to get the fur, it just seemed cruel and evil," Suggs said. "I hit people for a living, and even I couldn't bear just to handle the cruelty to these animals. It's horrible." He concludes, "If you can endure through 10 seconds of the video, you got to watch it. I think people just need to be aware of exactly what goes on to get the furs, and we could change a lot of people's minds about fur."

The AFC Defensive Player of the Month also filmed a video on set at his PETA shoot. It’s embedded below. 

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