Suggs on Tebow, Skip Bayless, Flacco's eyebrows

Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs made his triumphant return to ESPN’s “First Take” on Tuesday. During his last appearance before the Ravens beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, he battled with talking head Skip Bayless about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Two months later, Suggs, Flacco and the Ravens are the AFC’s No. 2 seed.

Suggs briefly talked about the team’s 12-4 regular season (“we’re still sitting pretty”), the Week 15 loss to San Diego Chargers (“it was a reality check”) and winning the Lombardi Trophy (“we’ve still got work to do”). But the highlight was Suggs calling out Bayless for his unwavering support of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

“Congratulations to you and your boy, you and your man crush,” Suggs remarked out of nowhere. “We know you’ve got a little man crush with your boy out there in Denver. It’s alright. Congratulations. Y’all made it.”

An incredulous Bayless -- really, though, is there another kind of Bayless? -- asked Suggs for his take on Tebow.

“He’s alright. He’s alright. Let’s be honest, Skip, I can put up the numbers he was [putting up],” he said. “It’s all about numbers, baby. Give me a shot. Let’s see what we can do, create my own offense and hopefully my kicker can nail a 62-yarder to bail me out a few times, Jesus shows up. … That boy be praying on the sidelines, boy. I don’t feel comfortable [if] I’ve got to pray every fourth quarter like, ‘Oh my God, please come save me again.’”

Bayless then asked Suggs if he would rather have Flacco or Tebow, who is 7-4 as a starter in 2011, as his QB.

“Are you kidding me? Why don’t you like my quarterback, Skip? Is it his mustache? Is it his eyebrows? Is it because Tim Tebow is prettier?” Suggs said. “I understand you’ve got your man crush but you can’t force that on the rest of us. We, here in Baltimore, we’ve got a quarterback that fits our personality. … I love the kid. He plays football. He’s my quarterback. I stand by him. And I love him on the sidelines with the ice in his veins.”

Then Suggs summed up Bayless well with this: “My daughter can do your job. My daughter is four years old.”

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