Looking at other examples of 'taunting' in sports

Ravens running back Ray Rice and strong safety Bernard Pollard were flagged for taunting in Sunday's 30-27 win over the Arizona Cardinals. A day later, coach John Harbaugh said he didn't understand the penalties.

“I’m going to have to save that for the league, to be honest with you,” Harbaugh said at his weekly Monday press conference. “I don’t understand them. So we’ll look forward to seeing how the league explains them to us.”

I'm guessing he won't be satisfied by the NFL's explanation, especially for the weak call on Rice, who was penalized for briefly flexing toward a Cardinals defender who had flexed at him after an earlier play.

Here are a few examples of taunting in pro sports to help the zebras get the calls right next time.

This is Terrell Owens running to celebrate a touchdown on the Dallas star. This is unsportsmanlike conduct.

This is Stephen Tulloch celebrating a sack of Tim Tebow by Tebowing. It's mean-spirited, but not a penalty.

This is a Russian goalie mocking a player he took out in a shootout. This is taunting. It is also awesome.

This is a somewhat subdued celebration for non-American football, which embraces elaborate dance numbers after goals (then again, they happen once a game, so going nuts afterward is understandable).

This is a highlight reel from Chad Ochocinco back when he was in the NFL (He still plays? Who knew?). It's premeditated taunting. It's unsportsmanlike. And it's fun, something the NFL is sucking out of its game.

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