Chicken, beer, video games and a Red Sox collapse

The Orioles had a hand in the collapse of the Red Sox, taking five games from the playoff pretenders last month. But fried chicken, beer and video games played a bigger role, according to an interesting Boston Globe report.

Bob Hohler of The Globe reported that Boston’s top starters, Josh BeckettJon Lester and John Lackey, have a habit of pigging out and chillaxing in the clubhouse during home games, even critical ones in September.

“The indifference of Beckett, Lester, and Lackey in a time of crisis can be seen in what team sources say became their habit of drinking beer, eating fast-food fried chicken, and playing video games in the clubhouse during games while their teammates tried to salvage a once-promising season,” Hohler wrote in a Wednesday report.

They were three of “a number of” Red Sox who cut back on their exercise regimens against the team’s wishes.

No wonder Matt Albers wanted to sign with the Red Sox after the Orioles let him walk.

There were more startling revelations in The Globe report, and it’s no surprise that manager Terry Francona was relieved of his duties and that general manager Theo Epstein is reportedly joining the Chicago Cubs.

It sure looked like the Orioles wanted to win more than the Red Sox in that season-ending series at Camden Yards. As it turns out, the Orioles really did want it more, and we now know why some Sox were so indifferent.

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