How the Ravens veterans fared against the Redskins

Quarterback Joe Flacco

The most maddening thing about Joe Flacco this preseason is how his accuracy seems to vary so much from pass to pass.

The ball Flacco threw that was intercepted by Dante Hall was not only a poor decision (Hall was lined up inside Boldin prior to the snap), he also threw it two feet inside of where Boldin broke off his route. And yet the fade Flacco threw to Evans for the touchdown was probably the prettiest pass he's throw in 2011. You have to assume some of it is just a lack of reps. He needs to work his way into a rhythm, because early in games, the ball just doesn't come out of his hand cleanly. But once he gets eight or nine throws under his belt, he's fine.

Linebacker Ray Lewis

When Ray Lewis doesn't play at maximum intensity, it can be tough to watch. No point in playing him in the final preseason game.

Did you see Lewis get absolutely bulldozer blocked by Trent Williams on Tim Hightower's touchdown run? Not that you should sweat it much, but that was a perfect example of why stories about how "ageless" Lewis is are wishful thinking. He's still a great player when he's fired up and ready to run through a wall, but there isn't much point in having him out there in preseason anymore. Harbaugh shouldn't even play him next week.

The offensive line

The offensive line is going to struggle at the beginning of the season. That should be clear by now. But as long as the Ravens find consistency after the first month, they'll be fine.

It's not clear why Michael Oher was playing left tackle last night, considering he's supposedly going to shift back to the right side when McKinnie is ready. Might as well start the transition now. But maybe the Ravens are worried they couldn't even take that risk in the preseason. Jah Reid and Mark LeVoir looked lost for much of the night. You can see, watching them whiff, why the Ravens felt they had to get McKinnie. This team needs Marshall Yanda to get healthy quickly

Kevin Van Valkenburg

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