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Am I the only one who doesn't like Maryland's new uniforms?

The Maryland football team unveiled its shiny, new Under Armour uniforms on Monday night, and at last count, Randy Edsall's squad will have 2,576 color combinations to choose from when the season begins.

The initial reactions I saw were surprisingly positive. But after doing a quick Google search for "Maryland's ridiculous new uniforms," I realized I wasn't the only one who doesn't like Maryland's new look. Phew.

The inevitable comparisons to Oregon’s uniforms were there. They were called “interesting” and “bold,” and some bloggers actually said what they were really thinking. Paul Lukas, the man behind the respected Uni Watch blog, was one of them, calling the uniforms "brutal" and the event “a corporate masturbation session, a retailing showcase, and a sham.” Another broke down the runway show "Project Runway" style.

I don’t feel as strongly about the uniforms as, say, Lukas, but it’s clear that Maryland and Under Armour tried too hard to outdo Oregon and Nike, and the result isn't as original as expected.

That’s not to say there aren’t color combinations I like. The white jerseys work with the yellow, black or red pants. The red and white is a classic look. And you can never go wrong with all black unis.

But the yellow jerseys can stay in the hamper, along with the all-white and all-red color combinations.

I don’t get the two new helmets, either. The Terps wanted to emphasize the state of Maryland while grabbing attention with gaudy design. And then they stripped the logos off the helmets, leaving them bare except for the turtle shells on the white helmet (some subtly would make them better) and running the yellow and black Maryland checkers down the center stripe, which looks like caution tape from afar.

There’s just a disconnect there. They want futuristic jerseys with old-school, minimalistic helmets like they wear at Ohio State and Penn State. Others like how the helmets look, but they aren’t for me.

To sum it up, there’s too much going on with these uniforms. I prefer a sleeker, more simplistic look.

Hey, that’s just my take, though, and it’s not like I have a sterling reputation among my readers when it comes to my fashion choices, specifically the sandals I wore when shooting a photo for my old blog.

But remember, we’re talking about uniforms here. Aesthetics are nice, but winning is what matters.

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