Ripken says he's a year or two away from returning to baseball

Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr. got fans -- and at least one sports blogger -- all worked up when he told The Baltimore Sun that he had an "itch" to get back in the game in some sort of management capacity. But on Wednesday, the Ironman threw a bucket of cold water on all of us when he told "The Norris & Davis" show on 105.7 The Fan that he was still a year or two away from seriously considering a return to baseball.

“When I say something like, ‘I have a little itch to come back,’ I’m certainly all ears and open to talk and listen at all times,” Ripken said. “But realistically, I’m firmly planted in what I’m doing right now, at least for the next year or two years. Then I’ll have to reevaluate and say, ‘OK, do I really want to come back to the big-league scene and is there going to be an opportunity?’ And that’s the truth of it.”

Ripken said that he is amused by the seemingly-annual speculation that he will ride a white horse into the Warehouse and find a way to return the Orioles to relevancy and to the top of the A.L. East standings.

"I laugh a little bit because in my view, I basically answer the question the same way every single time,” he said. “When I retired, I wanted to make sure I was available to get my kids off to college and I’ve kept a very good relationship with Peter Angelos. He’s been very helpful to the foundation. We talk quite often. … I imagine because the Orioles are struggling, it becomes a little bit more of a topic.”

And it could be a topic five years from now. Ripken jokingly told host Steve Davis that he might go with his son, Ryan, off to college because he missed out on that experience three decades ago.

“Who knows, maybe Ryan goes to college and maybe I want to go to college with him?” he said.

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