Mark Reynolds' Photoshopped photo is burning up the Internet

A random photo of Mark Reynolds has quickly become an Internet sensation in Birdland. Unfortunately, we don't have said photo in our archives, so you're going to have to use your imagination on this one. Or your mouse to click this link. But expending all this energy is guaranteed to make your lunch break much more enjoyable.

As David Ortiz trotted around the bases after his home run in last Thursday’s loss to the Red Sox, Reynolds did a pretty innocent thing under most circumstances: He reached into his pocket for some sunflower seeds.

Bad idea during a stomach-punching, life-sucking, season-jeopardizing seven-game losing streak.

At first, the scrutinized picture of Reynolds nonchalantly guzzling down sunflower seeds after Ortiz’s home run drew the ire of Orioles fans who viewed his mid-game snack as the latest example of the team’s complacency over the past decade.

Then it drew the interest of avid Baltimore Photoshoppers, and hilarity ensued on the Orioles Hangout message boards. Fans started copying and pasting Reynolds and his bag of sunflower seeds into famous images from history, movie posters and photos from current events such as the Vancouver riots and the Casey Anthony trial. My favorite is Reynolds lackadaisically staring down Chinese tanks at Tiananmen Square.

I don’t think the sunflower seed incident means that Reynolds doesn't care. But I did thoroughly enjoy these doctored images of Reynolds nonetheless. And I'm not the only one. The thread has more than 2,000 posts.

[Via City That Breeds]

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