Flacco isn't throwing footballs to his wife on their honeymoon

Joe Flacco got married last weekend, but we haven’t heard how the Ravens quarterback feels about being a married man. Until now. Flacco appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday and he talked about how he’s still in love with his wife and how he doesn’t plan on throwing her any footballs on his honeymoon.

“I don’t want to break her nose on our honeymoon or anything like that,” Flacco told host Dan Patrick.

Flacco told Patrick that he invited his offensive linemen and other select teammates to the ceremony, which was held at a church in Philadelphia. He had to reluctantly show off his dance moves -- “I cannot dance a lick. I’m definitely a pure white male on the dance floor.” -- at his reception at a Philadelphia area hotel.

Flacco said his wife was kind enough to let him watch sports on his honeymoon (he was disappointed that Roger Federer lost), but they wouldn’t be playing catch. Apparently, they do toss footballs around, though, a revelation that should surprise no one -- well, except for Jaime Dukes. All Flacco thinks about is football.

“She has caught many passes from me. She’s actually not too bad,” Flacco said. “I’ve got to use a little bit smaller football, but she’s not too bad.”

Pressed by Patrick to compare his wife to an NFL receiver -- Wes Welker was the name Patrick threw out there -- Flacco said he could see some similarities between his wife and Welker.

“She’s pretty tiny, so she’s probably like a Wes Welker,” Flacco said, playing along. “She might have some moves after the catch and be able to get open on a linebacker or two.”

He didn’t say what the couple was up to next on their honeymoon. I’m assuming they broke down tape together, did a walkthrough in the lobby of their resort then went out to dinner somewhere.

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