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Your turn: Who will be the biggest bust in the NFL draft?

During the first round of the annual NFL draft, players are selected who don't end up panning out at the professional level. Some just want a fat paycheck (JaMarcus Russell). Some have legal issues (Rae Carruth). Some can't handle the pressure (Ryan Leaf). And some simply aren't good enough for pro football (Akili Smith).

The Ravens have avoided major first-round busts in their history. The selections of Kyle Boller and Travis Taylor were failures for sure, but they are nowhere near cracking a list like this.

This year, there will be a handful of first-round picks who won't live up to the billing. If you and I knew who those players will be, we would working as talent evaluators for NFL teams instead of doing whatever it is that you and I do around here.

Sure, we can throw out some possibilities. Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is super talented, but there are concerns about his ego and his ability to run a pro offense. His Auburn teammate, defensive tackle Nick Fairley, was a one-year wonder in college who might not meet the hype in the pros. Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers could see his career derailed by injuries. And if the reports are true, players such as Jimmy Smith and Ryan Mallett could see their careers literally go up in smoke.

You tell me: Who will be the biggest bust in the 2011 NFL draft?

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