Flacco wasn't trying to cause controversy with contract talk

During an interview with The Baltimore Sun a few weeks ago, Joe Flacco expressed disappointment that he won't receive a contract extension from the Ravens this offseason. On Monday afternoon, the Ravens quarterback told Jerry Coleman of FOX 1370-AM that he "wasn't trying to cause any controversy" with his public comments.

"I’m not asking for anything right now,” Flacco said on "Sports with Coleman," adding that he was hoping for a new deal now even though it was understood that he would get an extension next offseason. "I feel like I’ve played well. I wasn’t saying anything [like], ‘I need money now.’ I’m playing for Baltimore no matter what."

Flacco has two years left on his rookie deal and is scheduled to make $4.5 million this season and $4.6 million in 2012. The 2008-first-round pick was informed during the offseason that the Ravens would not negotiate an extension with him until after the 2011 season. At Haruki Nakamura's Japan relief charity event at Ripken Stadium earlier this month, Flacco said, "If you're not confident with who I am, I'm not sure what a year is going to make."

Asked about those comments, Flacco told Coleman he was just answering the question honestly.

“It was a question that I was asked and I wasn’t trying to cause any controversy," Flacco said. "Bottom line is I’m playing for Baltimore. It doesn’t matter how much they are paying me, I’m not going to not play all of a sudden. So if that’s what people thought, that’s not the truth."

Flacco pointed out that the on-again, off-again NFL lockout would make negotiating a new deal impossible.

"Nobody knows what's going on right now," Flacco said. "They obviously can’t do something right now. So we’ll see what happens and however it plays out, it plays out. And I’m going to be here no matter what.”

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