Terrell Suggs film headed for Cannes

"When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things," a short film produced and co-written by Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, will be shown during next month's Cannes Film Festival.

The film, parts of which were shot at Pazo in Harbor East last month, follows 24 hours in the life of the two main characters, Bishop (Quincy Smith) and T.J. (Kari Nicolle). After dating for five years, and in spite of considerable skepticism from their friends, the two are finally getting married. "When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things" chronicles the 12 hours both before and after their wedding ceremony.

"It was always something I've wanted to do, since I was a little boy," said Suggs, who will be heading to the south of France for the screening. "After the '08 season, when I hurt my shoulder, one of my assistants told me, 'Maybe you should start pursuing your film.' And that's what I did.

"I love it," the pro-bowl linebacker said of his nascent film career. "I keep telling myself I'm just trying to build a bridge for me to cross over after I'm done playing football."

The film's director is Monica Mingo, whose previous short, last year's "Sisters," was shown at the American Black Film Festival in Nashville. He and Mingo have made four short films together, Suggs said, adding that he's set to begin work on his first feature film May 17.

"It's called 'The Coalition,'" he said. "It's about men and women's relationships. That's all I'm able to give away right now."

Although he has worked strictly behind the scenes so far, Suggs wouldn't rule out some acting in his future. "There's always a temptation to get in front of the camera," he said with a laugh. "It's part of my personality."

"When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things" is being shown at Cannes' Short Film Corner, a showcase for short films from throughout the world. Some 1,900 films have been registered for the corner, according to the Cannes website.


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