Your turn: Baltimore a baseball town or a football town?

The Orioles' 5-1 start has reinvigorated baseball fans in Baltimore, leading some to speculate that the Orioles will take over the city from the Ravens if they are playoff contenders down the stretch. "Baltimore is a baseball city," is what I keep hearing from hosts and callers on sports talk radio.

Baltimore has a rich heritage in both baseball and football.

The Orioles were a top-notch franchise for decades, winning a World Series title in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, and coming close a couple of times in the 1990s. The franchise has been stuck in its dark age since, but the team's success under Buck Showalter has given fans a ray of hope.

Meanwhile, Charm City was in love with the Colts when Johnny Unitas was tossing touchdowns to Raymond Berry back in the day. And when Baltimore was robbed of its pro football franchise on a snowy night back in 1984, the city had its heart broken. But the Ravens came to town, won a Super Bowl and have become one of the top franchises in the NFL. Baltimore bleeds purple now.

You tell me: Is Baltimore a baseball town or a football town?

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