Blitz reader NFL mock draft: Vote for the Cardinals' pick

Every time I put out one of my mock drafts, readers tell me they think things would play out differently (chances are we'll both end up being wrong). Well, now you get a chance to play GM in my first-ever reader NFL mock draft.

Here's how it works. I'll post a daily poll where you can vote to decide what the team that's on the clock should do with its pick. To keep it simple, I'll give you five options for each pick. If you think I missed somebody, let me know in the comments section. We'll do this every day until we get to the Ravens' pick the week of the draft.

Based on your votes, Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green went fourth to the Bengals yesterday.

Today, Arizona is on the clock at pick No. 5. The Cardinals are another team that could be looking for a quarterback. But with the top two gone, the Cardinals will instead choose from some of the draft's top defensive prospects, which include cornerback Patrick Peterson and defensive end Robert Quinn.

The Browns are on the clock tomorrow.

Here's how the draft has played out so far:

1. Panthers: Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert

2. Broncos: Alabama DL Marcell Dareus

3. Bills: Auburn QB Cam Newton

4. Bengals: Georgia WR A.J. Green

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