NFLPA's DeMaurice Smith to speak at UM commencement

DeMaurice Smith, the executive director of the NFL Players Association before it dissolved on Friday, will deliver Maryland's spring commencement address in College Park on May 19.

According to The Diamondback, the university's student newspaper, a committee of about 20 students chose Smith, who went to law school at Virgnia, for "a variety of reasons." The whole NFLPA thing was probably the primary one.

"He is the only executive director of the NFL Players Association to have never played professional football," student Brian Toll, the senior council's commencement speaker chairman, told the newspaper. "I think that shows the type of person and leader he is and the amount of support he's generated."

You've got to figure Smith will bring up the lockout at least once or twice during his speech. Who knows, maybe he'll channel his inner Diane Court and close out the commencement with this line from "Say Anything" which can be applied to the labor situation: "But when I think about the future, the truth is, I am really... scared."

Guess which 80s classic was recently on my Netflix queue?

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