NFL Network lists Reed's beard in top 10 all-time

One of the biggest sideshow attractions at Tuesday's Media Day circus was Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel, who is sporting a beard that makes Zach Galifianakis' facial hair look like a little scruff. The beard has become so legendary, it actually got interviewed by FOX Sports' Alex Marvez.

"It's really not that itchy," Keisel told Marvez on Tuesday. "I shampoo and condition. It's actually pretty soft. People are pretty surprised when they touch it. I've gotten used to it."

Keisel's beard inspired NFL Network to rank the top 10 beards in NFL history, and the homeless man's beard of Ravens safety Ed Reed was seventh on the list. “Deion [Sanders] nicknamed him ‘The Soloist,’” host Rich Eisen said before making a reference to Bill Cosby movie from the 1970s.

You can’t embed videos from -- which might be a good thing because it spares you from Eisen’s snark overload -- so check the list out at this link to see visual evidence of said beards. Or if you're too lazy to click that link, I've got the full list after the jump. Discuss:

10. Ed “Too Tall” Jones

9. Jeff Saturday

8. Jake Plummer

7. Ed Reed

6. Shaun O’Hara

5. Randy Moss

4. Franco Harris

3. Lyle Alzado

2. Dan Fouts

1. Brett Keisel

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