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Should Griffin and Love make NBA All-Star team?

Griffin yes, Love no

K.C. Johnson

Chicago Tribune

With apologies to his relentless rebounding, Kevin Love should schedule some travel for All-Star weekend and sit back and enjoy the Blake Griffin show.

Dirk Nowitzki is a lock reserve. So is Pau Gasol, unless Commissioner David Stern moves him to center to replace the injured Yao Ming. Tim Duncan even could garner a sentimental pick from coaches. Even if Duncan doesn't, you can have only so many forwards, and Griffin has been more impressive — and made more of an impact — than Love. Also remember: This is an exhibition. Griffin's highlight-reel dunks need to be seen. As much as Love's hustle is impressive, it doesn't translate to an All-Star Game.

I'd even put LaMarcus Aldridge ahead of Love. Aldridge has affected winning more during a difficult season for Portland, not to mention lit Love up in head-to-head matchups.

Put them in showcase

Shandel Richardson

Sun Sentinel

Yes, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love both play for bad teams. Yes, they probably should have to pay their dues a little longer.

But there is no reason to keep them out of the NBA All-Star Game. Love's streak of 31 consecutive double-doubles is unreal. Griffin wasn't too far behind with 27 straight. Perhaps the real debate should be if either deserves a starting spot. It's time for some new blood.

What more do these guys have to do to prove they belong? Both are among the league's top 20 scorers. Love is the game's best rebounder. Griffin is not only the league's best dunker but ranks up there with LeBron James and Kevin Durant on the "must-see" scale.

Put them in the national showcase so the rest of country can see their talents without having to stay up past 11 p.m.

They're deserving, but …

Zach McCann

Orlando Sentinel

If fans voted for All-Stars without names attached — only taking into account players' statistics and productivity — both Blake Griffin and Kevin Love would be All-Stars this season.

Griffin's averaging more than 22 points and 12 rebounds, and his play is the primary reason the Clippers are a respectable team again. And Kevin Love's incredible rebounding numbers — he was averaging a league-best 15.7 rebounds through Wednesday — combined with his 21.6 points per game makes him perhaps the best statistical power forward in the NBA.

But you probably won't see either of them at the All-Star Game because the traditional forward names will take up those spots.

Both players deserve to be All-Stars, but name recognition is half the battle with voters.

They have the talent

Mike Bresnahan

Los Angeles Times

Their teams' records are punch lines, but their individual stats are anything but laughable.

Kevin Love made me a believer with his 30-point, 30-rebound game against New York, and Blake Griffin makes me a believer ... every time I see him play?

Isn't the All-Star Game about the most exciting, the most talented players? Love leads the league in rebounding and Griffin is second to Dwight Howard in dunks.

No doubt, the most difficult position to be determined this All-Star Game will be the West forwards, but Love and Griffin have to make it among a crowded field that includes Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki, Pau Gasol, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan, Rudy Gay, LaMarcus Aldridge, Zach Randolph and Lamar Odom.

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