Are the Magic's moves enough to win the East?

They won't get far

Ira Winderman

Sun Sentinel

What the Magic should do is undo what they did.

Why make any move while Carmelo Anthony is still on the market? That's the move the Magic needed, one that likely could have been made through a far less disruptive process, with the type of rebuilding pieces that could have benefited the Nuggets, pieces such as Marcin Gortat, Brandon Bass, Mickael Pietrus, J.J. Redick and other serviceable parts that could have fast-tracked a Denver rebuild.

If Dwight Howard looks over his shoulder and sees Carmelo, he's more likely to re-up in two seasons.

But Jason Richardson, Gilbert Arenas and the player who used to be Hedo Turkoglu?

The Magic had the pieces to do something special. Instead, they went for quantity over quality and face an immediate future likely no more than two rounds deep into the playoffs.

Superman needs help

K.C. Johnson

Chicago Tribune

Petition David Stern to contract Miami? Or at least suspend Kevin Garnett?

The point is, even with the Magic's bold moves to remake their roster midseason, Orlando doesn't have enough firepower to matchup with the Celtics (my conference champ pick) or Heat.

Who is rebounding on this team besides Superman? Who is playing defense? That's where titles are won. These are good moves by Otis Smith. They're just not enough. Go get Joel Przybilla from the Trail Blazers. He's not flashy but can rebound and defend.

Dwight Howard needs some help.

Makeover not enough

George Diaz

Orlando Sentinel

The Magic are officially a WIP.

Work in Progress.

Let's not pretend to think we know what will happen next, now that the Magic essentially have imploded the Master Plan they set for the season and started all over again. There are too many variables, too many egos, too many new faces in new places.

And it still won't be enough.

The Celtics are solid and experienced. The Heat are ego-bratty and too talented.

Give Orlando credit for blowing up the formula they rolled with the last few seasons. Bringing in two new starters — Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson — constitutes a major makeover.

But their lack of size will crush them against Boston, unless they bring in a big man who is more than a mop-up guy for Dwight Howard. And the Heat, for all the melodrama, are for real.

At least the Magic will be more entertaining to watch and more competitive once they get past the introductions.

There's no 'D' in Magic

Barry Stavro

Los Angeles Times

Probably not, but they'll be more fun to watch. Unloading Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis is a plus.

The returning Hedo Turkoglu, who was the Magic's second-best player on their 2009 Finals team, should fit in easily, Jason Richardson can hit 3s and while Gilbert Arenas is an unguided missile, he can score.

But the Magic's weak spot remains on the defensive end. Yes, they have Dwight Howard, but when he gets in foul trouble Marcin Gortat won't be filling in for him.

And assuming center Kendrick Perkins is playing regularly come April, along with a revived Kevin Garnett (who has 13 double-doubles this season), the Celtics still look stronger than the new-look Magic.

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