What they're saying about the Ravens

Here's a look at what other media outlets are saying about the Ravens' 37-13 victory over the Carolina Panthers in Week 11:

• SI.com's Don Banks writes what a lot of Ravens fans and national analysts are thinking -- their defense isn't scaring anyone.

The Ravens wound up making it look like a comfortable win, but if you watched Baltimore's 37-13 conquest of out-manned Carolina, you know better. The Panthers, with the very lightly experienced Brian St. Pierre at quarterback, were within seven points (at 20-13) until late in the third quarter. Baltimore really doesn't close the deal very well this season, and right now the Ravens defense isn't intimidating anyone.

• ESPN.com's James Walker shares his thoughts on the Ravens' win, including what he didn't like.

Baltimore's run defense was gashed by Carolina backup running back Mike Goodson, who rushed for 120 yards. I also didn't like how the Ravens waited until late in the fourth quarter to pull away against an inferior team. The Ravens led 20-3 in the second half and had a chance to put the Panthers away much earlier, but allowed back-to-back touchdowns before re-establishing their dominance in the fourth quarter.

• Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com isn't buying into the "Any Given Sunday" philosophy after the Ravens-Panthers result.

Parity in the NFL isn't all it's cracked up to be. In a season where there's been a lot of talk about how anybody can beat anybody on any given Sunday, the Panthers are proof that's not true. On paper, they had no chance against Baltimore because they don't have a legitimate NFL offense. In reality, the Panthers had no chance against Baltimore because they don't have a legitimate NFL offense. They kept the score relatively close into the fourth quarter, but that was only because Carolina's defense kept the Ravens somewhat in check.

• CBSSports.com's Clark Judge lists the Ravens as one of his top five NFL teams and picks next week's matchup with the Buccaneers as one of the best three games to watch.

• SI.com's Andrew Perloff mentions that the Ravens aren't always playing quality football, but they're doing what is important -- winning.

Despite throwing two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns, the Panthers' Brian St. Pierre did an admirable job for a guy who was a stay-at-home dad earlier in the week and had thrown only five NFL passes. At least St. Pierre kept the Panthers in the game until the end, when the Ravens simply wore them down. Once again, Baltimore doesn't come up with style points, but does what is has to against a wounded opponent.

• Peter King of SI.com picks the Ravens at No. 7 in The Fine Fifteen rankings this week.

Great CBS graphic during the rout of the Panthers, noting that 20 of Ed Reed's 50 career interceptions have come in the fourth quarter -- including his neat pick and lateral for touchdown in Charlotte.

• FanHouse.com's Ray Glier gives some observations from the game, including a comment about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

One of the reasons to like Flacco is his consistency with his accuracy whether home or away. Flacco came into the game completing 60 percent of his passes on the road and 58 percent at home. Flacco finished 24 of 33 for 301 yards.

[Compiled by Dean Jones Jr.]

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