NFL power rankings roundup: How they're ranking Ravens

Here's a look at how the Ravens rank in other media's NFL power rankings.

• ESPN dropped the Ravens to No. 4 from the No. 1 spot after last week's loss to the Atlanta Falcons. (The Falcons are the new No. 1 team, and the Ravens are just below the Jets and just above the Steelers).

There's no shame in a last-second loss to Atlanta at the Georgia Dome.

• CBS Sports dropped the Ravens to No. 6 and moved the Falcons to No. 1, too.

That defense isn't playing as well as its reputation. That has to be a concern. They need to give the ball more to Ray Rice.

• NBC Sports has the Ravens at No. 4. The Falcons impressed the people at NBC as well; the Falcons are ranked No. 1 on NBC's Pro Football Talk.

Though they got robbed when the officials didn't flag Roddy White for pass interference, the Ravens of old would have put the clamps on the Falcons long before it got to that point.

• Fox Sports moved the Ravens down two spots to No. 5, between the Giants at No. 4 and the Colts at No. 6.

It's puzzling why veteran WR Donte' Stallworth hasn't been used in the passing game more since his return from a broken foot. Stallworth is the lone deep threat the Ravens have on their 53-man roster.

• The Ravens shared the No. 2 spot with the Patriots in USA Today's power rankings. The Faclons were ranked No. 1 in the newspapers poll.

The Atlanta Falcons claimed the first spot in USA TODAY's NFL power rankings after their Week 10 win against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens and the New England Patriots tied for the second spot. The New York Jets, tied with the Patriots and Falcons for the league's best record, emerged in the fourth spot.

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