Mike Preston's matchups: Ravens vs. Dolphins

Ravens Cornerbacks Chris Carr and Fabian Washington vs. Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall: Marshall is 6 feet 4 and 230 pounds. He has speed and his size will present problems for the Ravens small but fast cornerbacks. Marshall has the ability to turn short passes into big gains. Both Carr and Washington need to tackle well, and safety Ed Reed will have to give them help over the top. Edge: Marshall

Ravens Running backs Ray Rice and Willis McGahee vs. Dolphins SS Yeremiah Bell: Bell has a good nose for the ball and leads the Dolphins in tackles with 58. He is good on the backend as well as around the line of scrimmage. Rice is healthy for the first time in recent weeks, and the Ravens will give him time to rest by also using McGahee in Rice's place. The tandem might be able to wear the Dolphins and Bell down. Edge: Even

Ravens defensive tackles Kelly Gregg and Haloti Ngata vs. Dolphins LG Richie Incognito: Incognito is no match for Ngata and Gregg. They are both too talented and too strong for him. But Incognito, in his sixth season, has the reputation of being a dirty player. Ngata and Gregg won't back down. This matchup might be more entertaining than the game if Incognito is up to his old tricks. Edge: Gregg and Ngata

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