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Behind Enemy Lines: Dave Hyde: Dolphins should go after Randy Moss

Want to help Chad Henne's development?

Sign Randy Moss.

Want to turn some field goals into touchdowns?

Sign Randy Moss.

Want to help Brandon Marshall? Make the playoff run come into focus? Add some electricity to a team needing some?

The Dolphins should sign Randy Moss, who admittedly has gone through two teams this year hoping to find a new contract and a smile. But the Dolphins have a wild card here. Chad Pennington and Moss played together at Marshall. That can be huge in the negotiations that no doubt are taking place right now.

Moss might get claimed before he gets to the Dolphins on the waiver wire. But let's not assume teams are going to claim him without being assured he wants to play for them. That's where Pennington comes into play, where Moss can flex his muscle and where the Dolphins can navigate the system to improve their chances.

Let's face it: Would Moss rather play for, say, a Seattle team going nowhere or a Miami team with a shot at the playoffs? And a shot to do some damage with him.

One caveat: What's the contract deal? You have to pay the rest of his deal this year, sure. But you can't have a petulant Randy Moss on the team if he's going to throw fits about not getting a multi-year deal in place. Moss has shown he's a front-runner, the kind of guy who plays fine as long as everything is working just fine and gives up if it isn't.

Still, you can put up with his act some, considering what he brings.

Bottom-line: Moss isn't what he was. But he would bring the No. 1 thing this team lacks - a guy who can stretch the field on offense and help to take some of the attention from Brandon Marshall, as I've been saying for a while.

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