NFL power rankings roundup: How they're ranking Ravens

Here's a look at how other media rank the Ravens.

• kept the Ravens at No. 4 again this week after the Ravens overtime win over the winless Buffalo Bills.

The Ravens narrowly avoided embarrassment by beating the Bills at home in OT.

NBC's Pro Football Talk dropped the Ravens from No. 4 to No. 7.

The official rules of power rankings require a minimum drop of three spots when being pushed to overtime by the Bills.

• CBS Sports kept the Ravens at No. 6 but raised a question about the defense after the close game Sunday.

What happened to that defense against Buffalo? That's two weeks in a row they haven't played well. At least they found a way against the Bills.

• The Ravens gained some stock in the Fox Sports power rankings, moving up two spots to No. 4.

Good teams have to win games where they don't play particularly well on one side of the ball. Last week's victory over the visiting Bills would be a good example of that. It was very surprising that Buffalo had that much success against Baltimore's secondary.

• The Ravens inched up one spot in USA Today's power rankings to No. 4. They're sandwiched between the Patriots, who beat the Ravens in overtime Oct. 17, at No. 3 and the Falcons at No. 5.

• AOL's Fanhouse also had the Ravens ranked at No. 4 for a second straight week.

Don't read too much into the Ravens needing overtime to beat winless Buffalo. The reality is that no team blows out everyone it's supposed to, and it will do the Ravens good down the road to have found a way to win on a day where they clearly didn't have their "A" game.

Compiled by Michael Catalini

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