Baltimore Sun staff picks: Ravens-Bills

Kevin Cowherd: Ravens 36, Bills 6

This game might prompt NFL to consider a slaughter rule. By halftime, Bills players will be thinking about what dinner entree to order on flight home.


Jamison Hensley: Ravens 34, Bills 7

On a day when the Super Bowl team comes home, the current Ravens give them a score they'll remember.


Ken Murray: Ravens 34, Bills 3

They can call any plays they want against the winless Bills.

Edward Lee: Ravens 30, Bills 10

Ray Lewis' words may be prophetic: Sunday will be a long day for Buffalo, who will be ready to go home by halftime.

Mike Preston: Ravens 30, Bills 10

Bills only have a chance for an upset if the Ravens are looking forward to vacation before this game is over.

Peter Schmuck: Ravens 37, Bills 6

The Ravens would like to thank the NFL scheduling committee for sending the Bills to their 10th Anniversary Super Bowl Celebration.


WJZ's Mark Viviano

Ravens 27 Bills 10: Bye-bye, Bills. Hello bye week.