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A Navy enlisted man writes: We read with interest your recent article about Sandy Point State Park. My wife and I attempted to enter "just to look around" because the gate guard could not confirm/deny whether SCUBA diving was allowed. We figured that there would be signs posted or possibly maps that showed where SCUBA diving was allowed. Bottom line is they wanted to charge us just to look. So, before we spend the cost for a car and two occupants…can you tell us confirm that SCUBA is or is not allowed at Sandy Point State Park.

To get to the bottom of this one, Outdoors Girl used one of her lifelines, Lt. Col. Chris Bushman, the deputy superintendent of Maryland State Parks. He replied, "Unfortunately, our contact station attendant was caught off-guard by this one…I'm certain we don't get this question every day. Swimming is allowed at Sandy Point, so there is no prohibition against SCUBA diving offshore of the park. He should feel free to call the park headquarters (410-974-2149) with any other questions.

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