Which of 4 winless NFL teams will be last to win?

Now or never for Bills

Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times

It's entirely possible that all four winless teams could pick up their first victory this weekend. From most to least likely, that would be the Lions beating the Rams, the 49ers beating the Eagles, the Bills beating the Jaguars, and the Panthers beating the Bears.

I think the Bills will go the longest without a victory. That said, they need to take advantage of their opportunity Sunday — at home against a team coming off a hugely emotional victory over the Colts and primed for a letdown — because their schedule isn't getting any easier.

Their next three opponents are road games at Baltimore and Kansas City, and a "home" game against the Bears in Toronto.

A year after leading the AFC in takeaways with 33, the Bills have one in their first four games. They need to pull this game from the Jaguars' grasp.


Buffalo at bottom

Steve Svekis, Sun Sentinel

All four have home games on Sunday. The Lions, who have been edged by the Eagles, Bears and Packers, are the best team of the four, and I favor the Lions in their home matchup against the resurgent but very young Rams this week. The 49ers get the Michael Vick-less Eagles and then the Raiders in winnable home games.

That leaves the Bills and Panthers, truly two of the worst teams in the league. Carolina gets the shell-shocked Bears, followed by the 49ers on a cross-country trip and then a visit to the Rams. I think the Panthers have a decent chance to win a game there. The Bills play the Jaguars at home, but then go to Baltimore and Kansas City after a week off, and I see them carrying an 0-fer for the longest period of time.


Pin it on Panthers

Ken Murray, Baltimore Sun

Of the four winless teams, there are two really bad teams (Bills, Panthers) and two teams that are better than their record (49ers, Lions). I'll start by eliminating the 49ers and Lions from this competition.

The Bills and Panthers both will go into December without a win, and the Bills have a legitimate shot at 0-16. Although they get the erratic Jaguars on Sunday at home and the Lions in November, I don't see them with a real chance to win until Dec. 12 against the Browns in Buffalo.

But Carolina can top that if they don't knock off the Bears this week. They will face quarterback Todd Collins after a 10-sack loss to the Giants that cost the Bears Jay Cutler. But the Panthers may not have Steve Smith, the only playmaker on their team. Advantage Bears. So I don't see the Panthers winning until Dec. 19 at home against the Cardinals.


Rough road for Bills

Dan Pompei, Chicago Tribune

Of the four remaining winless teams in the NFL, the one with the best chance of staying winless the longest is the Bills. They should be at the front of the line in the Andrew Luck draft derby, and boy, could they use the Stanford quarterback. If the Bills don't upset the Jaguars this week, their next chance at a victory might not be until five weeks, when they host the Lions.

On the subject of the Lions, they are a better team than their 0-4 record indicates. They are going to win some games soon, especially if they get quarterback Matthew Stafford back. The 49ers are another team that's too talented to be winless. The Panthers aren't in the same class, but they are well coached and resourceful enough to pull off an upset at some point soon.


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