Baltimore Sun staff picks: Ravens vs. Steelers

Kevin Cowherd: Steelers 20, Ravens 17: Only because Pittsburgh's at home. And even though Charlie Batch is as old as I am.

Jamison Hensley: Ravens 13, Steelers 10: Ravens are the first team to take advantage of the Steelers not having Ben Roethlisberger.

Edward Lee: Ravens 12, Steelers 9: If the Ravens lose, they fall two games in the division behind the Steelers. That, and a renewed determination by the run defense, will carry the Ravens to a narrow win.

Ken Murray: Steelers 20, Ravens 17: Pittsburgh's defense is in full throttle and the Ravens aren't.

Mike Preston: Ravens 9, Steelers 7: Ravens rise to the occasion, and play their best game of the year, 9-7.

Peter Schmuck: Steelers 16, Ravens 13: The Ravens still haven't proven they can put points on the board against a quality team, and that won't change on Sunday.

WJZ's Mark Viviano: Ravens 17, Steelers 16: I just can't see Pittsburgh going 4-0 without their starting QB. Can't happen, right?

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