Hey Jamison: Sun Ravens reporter answers readers questions

Hey, Jamison

How come when everyone brings up the Ravens vs. Steelers game for this coming weekend they only mention Ben Roethlisberger being suspended and not Ed Reed who is the quarterback of the Ravens secondary? I'm sure if Troy [Polamalu] was out every one would be talking about how much he is missed on the Steelers defense and what a break the Ravens were getting... It must be all in my hair!

Antonio, Forestville

Hey, Antonio

I don't think there is a Steel City bias going on here. There was a reason why everyone talked about Pittsburgh being without Polamalu last season. The Steelers weren't the same without him. The Steelers were 4-0 when Polamalu played more than a handful of snaps in a game. When he didn't, they were 5-7.

The reason why people aren't talking about the loss of Reed is the play of the Ravens' defense, which is No. 1 in the NFL right now. If Reed could help out the Ravens' run defense, then more fans would be lamenting his loss. So, it's not all about the hair, although I know of a few barbers in Baltimore who would love to get their sheers on Polamalu.

Hey, Jamison

Do you think the Ravens might not be as feared by other teams, following three close games decided by 7 points or fewer? I know the Jets and Cincy both have great defenses but, this was a team filled with offensive weapons that were supposed to put up 35 points a game.


Howard, Owings Mills

Hey, Howard

The only way a team can be feared is by repeatedly producing on the field. Defenses fear Peyton Manning because he presents the threat of throwing four touchdowns against you. Offenses fear Clay Matthews because he can knock out your quarterback on any given hit. So, the Ravens have to start putting up some points to make defenses start to sweat. The Ravens probably won't crack 20 points against the Steelers, but they can go on a strong run after that. The last three defenses they'll face before the bye are all ranked in the bottom 12 in points allowed: Denver (21st), New England (28th) and Buffalo (31st).

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