Four Corners: Is Michael Vick the answer at QB for the Eagles?

Kolb deserves a chance

David Teel

Newport News

You don't trade your Pro Bowl quarterback unless you're sold on his replacement. And you don't bail on that replacement 30 minutes into the season, no matter how inept he was, no matter how electric his backup.

Kevin Kolb's first-half struggles Sunday probably had Eagles fans pining for Donovan McNabb, shipped to the Redskins during the offseason. And when a concussion sidelined Kolb, those fans reveled as Vick's skittish arm and unparalleled feet nearly rallied Philadelphia past the Packers. Good for Vick. Better to talk about his football than his birthday party.

But a season-opener does not a hero (Vick) or bum (Kolb) make. Eagles coach Andy Reid has this right. When doctors give the OK, Kolb reclaims his job and gets ample time to prove his worthiness.

Still No. 2 — for now

Dan Pompei

Chicago Tribune

The Eagles have invested too much time, money and energy in Kevin Kolb to pull the plug on him now. They have to at least give him a chance to see what he can do.

That being said, it's obvious Michael Vick can help his team. On Sunday he looked more like the Vick we remembered from 2006 than the Vick from 2009. At the very least, the Eagles need to devise a plan that would enable Vick to be getting somewhere in the vicinity of 20 to 25 snaps a game on a regular basis. And if Kolb does not find his groove quickly, his percentage of snaps should decrease while Vick's should increase.

It is very possible that by midseason, the Eagles won't be able to keep Vick off the field.

Keep Kolb on short leash

Keith Groller

The Morning Call

Yes, Michael Vick looked good Sunday against a Packers defense that prepared for Kevin Kolb. Yes, Vick did wonderful things with his legs, even flung a few accurate passes and brought life to a team that was wobbling.

But no, everything done in this Eagles offseason, including the shipping of Donovan McNabb south on I-95, was based on the premise of Kolb being "the guy." You don't scrap that plan after one shaky half in the first game of the season. Running as much as Vick did against Green Bay, how long do you think he is going to stay healthy, especially at age 30? And he and the West Coast offense remain a questionable fit.

When Kolb returns, he likely will be on a short leash, but Kolb must be given more time to prove whether he's the answer.

Debate won't end soon

Athan Atsales

Los Angeles Times

Anyone who has followed coach Andy Reid's Eagles realizes it doesn't matter if Michael Vick could be the answer because unless Kevin Kolb has an extended injury, Vick will remain the backup. Reid has been grooming Kolb to take over for Donovan McNabb, and one bad half isn't going to change the coach's mind. Any coach stubborn enough to trade McNabb within the NFC East is stubborn enough to stay with the guy he proclaimed as the future.

On the other hand, fans who watched Vick realize he could be the answer to the patchwork offensive line problem. One thing for sure, if Kolb is not cleared to play this week and Vick leads Philadelphia to victory at Detroit, fans will discover if Kolb has the moxie to make it in a town full of knee-jerk reaction followers. The Vick question could be haunting him all season.

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