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Media roundup: What they're saying about LeBron James says that LeBron James will announce his decision during a one-hour TV special Thursday at 9 p.m., but it is still not clear where he will go.

James' plans still are a closely guarded secret. He visited with six teams -- the New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Clippers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls -- last week at his business offices in downtown Cleveland. Early Wednesday, it appeared that if James were to play next season with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he'd do it in Miami: Bosh has decided to join Wade with the Heat, a source with knowledge of the situation told Broussard. An announcement was expected later in the day. Yet there was a growing sense that the Heat's hopes of landing all three All-Stars were being revived. Amid a growing sense among rival executives that James intends to stay with his hometown Cavaliers, sources close to the situation told that James is still seriously considering joining forces with Wade and Bosh in Miami and had a discussion about the possibility that all three could wind up playing together for the Heat on a conference call early Wednesday morning.

New York Times reporter Howard Beck says that while the Knicks have signed Amar'e Stoudemire, they are still in the market for some key players and are hoping LeBron James could be one of them.

To be sure, the Knicks are at least one star shy of becoming legitimate contenders in the Eastern Conference. At the moment, they are seven players shy of a complete roster. They need a starting point guard, a reliable shooting guard and a defensive-minded center, among other things ... Once Stoudemire signs his contract Thursday, the Knicks will have an estimated $16 million left to spend. They are in the mix for Mike Miller, a dependable 3-point shooter, and are pursuing several point guards, including Raymond Felton and Luke Ridnour. They will also entertain sign-and-trade deals with David Lee, who is unlikely to return. Everything, however, is in limbo until James and Wade decide their futures. As long as the Knicks are still in the running — and team officials think they are — they cannot commit their salary-cap room to another free agent.

New York Post reporter Marc Berman says that Cleveland does not deserve Lebron James.

James should realize playing in New York raises his profile and will bring more attention to Akron. Cleveland fans did not embrace the moment Saturday or in May when James left the Quicken Loans Arena court for perhaps the final time as a Cavalier. He received scattered boos instead of a standing ovation. It never was a great basketball town before James — ruled by the Browns and Indians. Other than "The Dawg Pound," there lacks a sports passion found in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago and Detroit.

• ESPN's Chris Broussard talks with Mikhail Prokhorov to discuss the possibilities for LeBron James.

On the conference call, he [Mikhail Prokhorov] categorized the options he believes James has before him: •The "hometown angle" of remaining with the Cleveland Cavaliers. •The choice to play with Wade and Bosh in Miami, where James would have a "very high chance to win two or three titles" but where he could also "diminish the LeBron brand." •Joining the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers or New York Knicks. These teams, according to Prokhorov, are similar from a basketball standpoint and he believes none of the three clubs has a clear-cut strategy for winning championships. •Becoming a member of the Nets, who would give James the best opportunity to build a dynasty, become a champion and emerge as a global icon.

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