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Where will James, Wade, Bosh, Stoudemire end up?

Huge haul for Heat

Ira Winderman

Sun Sentinel

If "The Plan" moves forward, after "The Meeting," and "The Cap" can be managed, then it is not out of the remarkable realm that LeBron James and Chris Bosh could be coming to Dwyane Wade's house in South Florida.

Yes, as multiple sources told the Sun Sentinel earlier this week, Wade has pushed Heat President Pat Riley to move in that direction. It would mean other parts would have to fall into place, including dumping Michael Beasley's 2010-11 salary and possibly working out details with the Raptors to get Bosh his desired sign-and-trade, with the accompanying larger contractual payoff, from Toronto.

As for Amare? Thanks for playing. Free agency is just a three-man game.

Then again, if "The Plan" comes to fruition, Stoudemire takes over as most-coveted, surely to be tempted by the mega-dollars of New York and Chicago.

Knicks get leftovers

Lisa Dillman

Los Angeles Times

Basketball's three tenors — LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh — won't need to go on tour to thrill the masses. They simply can plant their collective star power in Miami with James and Bosh joining host Wade in the land of ample sun and cap space.

Wade and Bosh happen to have the same agent. And Bosh has been more public about looming free agency than almost any of the other coveted stars, using to ask whether he should stay in Toronto or go elsewhere.

Of course everyone can't go to Miami. Remember New York? The Knicks carefully crafted a free-agency plan to lure James, but if that doesn't happen, there are other options in the chorus.

This is Broadway, after all, and a combination of Amare Stoudemire's athleticism and Joe Johnson's pure scoring ability would play well on the Great White Way.

James to Chicago

Brian Schmitz

Orlando Sentinel

Wouldn't it be a hoot if LeBron stays in Cleveland after all this cap-clearing, all-out recruiting and dramatic hand-wringing?

Talk about a major letdown in Chicago, Miami, New York, New Jersey and Dallas.

And then the other star free agents among the LeBron dominoes — excluding Chris Bosh — fall back to their old teams.

You have to believe that King James will do everything to deliver, say, Bosh to the Cavs in a sign-and-trade.

Let's face it: Dwyane Wade already has given South Beach a title, so LeBron always would be the other guy even if a Holy Free Agent Trinity/Team USA reunion included Bosh. New York? New Jersey? Tempting for LeBron the businessman, but the Knicks and Nets are years away.

So if LeBron can't find a sidekick to join him in Cleveland ... hello, Chicago and Derrick Rose.

LeBron will stay home

K.C. Johnson

Chicago Tribune

LeBron James will re-sign with the Cavaliers. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will land in South Florida. And Amare Stoudemire will land with the Nets. That leaves the Knicks and Bulls battling over Joe Johnson and Carlos Boozer, though the former could re-sign with the Hawks.

James will become even more of a hero in his home state — and be rewarded with an extra $30 million should he choose to sign for six years, which is a long shot.

If LeBron does leave, it will be for the Heat because Pat Riley's competitiveness and seriousness never should be discounted.

James has held the Cavaliers in suspense because he owes it to himself to hear other teams' pitches. But he can do this all over again in two or three years — and probably will.

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