Outdoors girl

Rich Bafford writes: I came across your column and thought that you might be able to help. I will be relocating soon to Baltimore from Boston and I am interested in knowing more about the fishing options in Maryland. Do you know where I can get comprehensive information on fishing in Maryland?

Outdoors Girl replies: Welcome to the Land of Pleasant Living, hon. You're arriving just in time for some great fishing. The Maryland Fisherman's Annual ($9.95), in its second year of publication, provides a nice overview of what the state has to offer. Editors Mike Thron and Brian Bartell have put together a full-color package that touches a lot of bases, with articles about surf fishing, reservoir angling, Gunpowder River trout fishing and black drum fishing in the Chesapeake Bay. It has maps of the best places to wet a line, the bathymetric layout of Baltimore's three reservoirs, the GPS coordinates for all of Maryland's new artificial reefs and tide charts. State fisheries biologist Marty Gary penned a nice tribute to Bill Burton, who died last year after a half-century of outdoors writing. To top it off, the editors have pledged 2 percent of the profits to the nonprofit Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative, which has been responsible for creating habitat in the bay and Atlantic Ocean. Look for it at tackle shops when you go to buy your Maryland fishing license and some Bass Assassins.

-- Candus Thomson

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