What they're saying about the Ravens

Here's a look at what other media are saying about the Ravens draft decisions. The Ravens traded the 25th pick of the first round Thursday to the Denver Broncos, who selected Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. In return for the 25th pick, the Ravens received picks from Denver in the second, third and fourth rounds of the draft.

• CNNSI.com's Peter King expected the Ravens to select Tennessee defensive tackle Dan Williams at No. 25, but he can see why the Ravens made the move to trade out of the first round.

I think I expected Baltimore to take Williams once he dropped to the Ravens' pick at 25. The Ravens loved him. I thought it was incredible value if they'd have gotten him at 25. But at the end of the day, it's hard to pay big money to both Haloti Ngata and -- potentially -- Williams if he pans out. Here's where the story gets interesting. Baltimore paid a low three to acquire Anquan Boldin. To trade down 18 spots to a lesser-money pick (25 to 43), the Ravens acquired a high three. They viewed it as a no-brainer, and it'll be a good choice unless all their players of choice for late in the first round are gone at 43.

• ESPN.com's James Walker says it is still too early to tell if the Ravens made the right move.

The Ravens got three quality picks from the Denver Broncos, but they also passed on cornerback Kyle Wilson and defensive linemen Jared Odrick and Dan Williams. Time will tell if they made the right call.

• Newy Scruggs of NBC Dallas-Fort Worth writes on the Blue Star blog about the Cowboys' move in front of the Ravens to grab Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, including a reported message sent between the teams after the pick.

This is why I KNOW the Cowboys made a darn good move to get Dez, the Baltimore Ravens wanted to draft him at 25. After the Cowboys jumped the Ravens to take Dez they sent a text to the Cowboys war room to say that was the player Newsome wanted to draft. Newsome is the best GM in the league on draft day in my opinion. Now, Bill Polian of the Colts is really darn good too. When you snake the Ravens, you are doing good work because they have drafted great players over the years like Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden, Ed Reed, Jamal Lewis, Joe Flacco, Peter Boulware, and Michael Oher.

• The Sporting News' Clifton Brown weighs in on the Broncos' decision to trade three picks to the Ravens in order to pick an unproven commodity.

McDaniels might have been fleeced. There is wide-ranging debate about Tebow's ability to be a winning NFL quarterback. He has spent the last two months working to shorten his throwing motion, and by most accounts he made some progress. But in the heat of battle, will Tebow revert to old habits? Nobody knows. If Tebow develops into a solid NFL starter, McDaniels will look brilliant. However, this decision likely will cost McDaniels his job if Tebow does not deliver. McDaniels parted with a talented young QB in Cutler, trading him to the Bears last year. That move remains controversial, and so does this decision to draft Tebow in the first round.

• The Arizona Daily Star's Ryan Finley writes about Arizona tight end Rob Gronkowski, who remains available after the first round.

Rob Gronkowski will have to wait another day to begin his NFL career. The Arizona Wildcats' tight end was not selected in the first round of the NFL draft despite being viewed by many as one of the top-three players available at his position. Just one tight end - Oklahoma's Jermaine Gresham - was taken Thursday. ... Gronkowski is expected to be taken sometime in the second round, which begins at [6 p.m.] today. The Chiefs, the Patriots and the Ravens are all possible destinations.

[Compiled by Michael Catalini and Dean Jones Jr.]

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