Warriors' Ellis becoming a finisher

Baltimore Sun

Monta Ellis spent his offseason running laps around a track near his home. Now the Warriors' speedy guard is running laps around the rest of the NBA.

Ellis, who has played in more complete games this season than any other player in the NBA (seven, plus another 16 of 42 minutes or more), had 39 points and six assists in 46 minutes in a Friday win over the Kings.

"I'm pretty used to it," Ellis said. "In high school that's all we really did was run. We'd come in to practice one day and wouldn't even bring a ball out. Just ran for straight 2 1/2 hours."

But Ellis and his 26.1-point average, which ranks sixth in the league, haven't added up to victories as Friday's win marked only the third time this season the Warriors had won consecutive games. They were 3-12 in December and are just 11-24 overall.

Ellis has topped 30 points 14 times in his last 24 games.

"He doesn't get tired," teammate Anthony Morrow said. "We're a pretty hard-working team with a lot of young guys, so to see the captain do that, it just makes you want to come out that much harder. I haven't seen anything like that since Allen Iverson. He's the new version of AI."


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