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Instant analysis of the Eagles' 41-33 Super Bowl victory over the Patriots

The Baltimore Sun

Jeff Zrebiec, reporter: Doug Pederson and the Eagles learned a lesson that so many past Patriots opponents failed to in big games. They attacked the Patriots throughout, failing to settle for field goals for most of game and remaining aggressive. The Eagles got what they deserved. It isn’t often you see the Patriots get outcoached, but that was the case Sunday.

Childs Walker, reporter: Well, you can’t accuse the Patriots of playing boring Super Bowls. This resembled a college bowl game more than your typical contest between NFL No. 1 seeds, what with the total absence of competent defense. But you have to give Nick Foles enormous credit for his performance over the last nine quarters. He’ll go down with Jeff Hostetler among the all-time improbable Super Bowl quarterbacks. You also have to give the Eagles credit for never taking their feet off the pedal when the world expected them to roll over. Great win for the city of Philadelphia.

Peter Schmuck, columnist: So much for the theory that defense wins championships. The Eagles and Patriots engaged in one of the greatest track meets in Super Bowl history — a hugely entertaining game that featured terrific performances from both Nick Foles and Tom Brady, as well as a host of receivers on both sides. The game came down to the last three minutes and, of course, was decided by a tortured interpretation of the ridiculously confusing catch rule. Well, at least it didn't go in favor of the Patriots, who are nearly out of room in their trophy case. Much-deserved congratulations to Foles, the backup QB who rescued his playoff-bound team after the loss of potential league MVP Carson Wentz and was named Super Bowl MVP for the effort.

Mike Preston, columnist: This was a great way for the NFL to finish the season. It was an exciting game down to the last play. Neither team played much defense, but the Eagles had too many athletes on offense for New England. I didn't think they could survive a shootout with the Patriots and Tom Brady, but Philadelphia QB Nick Foles was the player of the game. There were a lot of questions about him when he became the starter for injured Carson Wentz, but he came up big in the postseason especially against Minnesota in the NFC championship game and later in the Super Bowl versus New England. It was just a fun, fun game to watch, and the Eagles coaching staff deserves a lot of credit for keeping the offense in attack mode. They were aggressive in their play-calling throughout the game.

Edward Lee, reporter: Even after the Eagles converted that strip-sack-fumble recovery for a field goal to extend their lead to 41-33 with only 65 seconds left, I thought there was enough time for Tom Brady and the Patriots to pull off another miracle. But the Eagles defense squelched a Hail Mary pass and a city known for heartache can finally rejoice. It was an entertaining Super Bowl, especially for fans of explosive offenses. Nick Foles earned himself a large contract and a starting job somewhere.

Ron Fritz, sports editor: The miracles ran out for the Patriots. New England couldn’t stop Nick Foles. I repeat, the Patriots couldn’t stop Nick Foles. Great offensive scheme by Doug Pederson. The genius, Bill Belichick, had no answer on defense. Great, great game. The NFL needs more games like this.

Jen Badie, editor: The Eagles set the tone from the start, coming out aggressive and throwing the ball (six of the first eight plays were passes). And they ended the first half on a gutsy call on a trick-play touchdown reception to Nick Foles. Tom Brady started the second half targeting Rob Gronkowski (who had as many receptions as Foles at halftime), and it paid off with four catches in the first drive, including a touchdown. The game became an offensive slugfest, but the Eagles had an answer for every Patriots score. And the Eagles defense finally got a sack and turnover against Brady with about 2 minutes left. There was no dramatic comeback by the Patriots for once.

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