If Brock Lesnar holds on to the briefcase for a while, it could create a specter that looms over both Raw and Smackdown.
If Brock Lesnar holds on to the briefcase for a while, it could create a specter that looms over both Raw and Smackdown. (JP Yim / Getty Images)

A show went off the air on Sunday night, leaving millions of fans upset, confused and generally angry at the creators. While yes, this can apply to “Game of Thrones,” in this case it's about WWE, as Money in the Bank ended with Brock Lesnar holding the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Early in the night, Sami Zayn was found strung up and hanging upside-down. Braun Strowman was the initial suspect, and while he denied it, the result was still the same: There was an empty spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match at the end of the night as Sami Zayn could not compete. The seven remaining competitors went at it, in one of the most wild and violent ladder matches WWE has had in a while. When most of the competitors were strewn around the ring and Ali was making his way toward the briefcase, Brock Lesnar's music hit. He beelined his way to the ring, pushed Ali off the ladder, and climbed the ladder to retrieve the briefcase.


Obviously, anything to do with Lesnar getting the title down the road is going to create anger in the fans. It's gone past simple fatigue with Lesnar. Fans don't want to see him in the title picture. And that, more than anything, drove the sentiment on social media after the show.

However, I want to lay out a scenario. If Lesnar holds on to the briefcase for a while, it truly creates a specter that looms over both Raw and Smackdown. Nobody will know when Lesnar will show up again. He could show up at any time, on any show, and cash in. His music could hit, and Paul Heyman could come out. Or Heyman could come out just to remind us of Lesnar's opportunity.

Unlike some who have held the title who we know would only show up in an advantageous position, Lesnar could cash in legitimately at any point to try to get the title. It creates the best-possible storyline device for the briefcase. Now, it's possible that he just cashes in for the match in Saudi Arabia. And that would make everyone's fears completely justified. However, there's a chance for something special with Lesnar holding the briefcase.

On Sunday night, three stories got their happy endings as the biggest title matches ended with the beloved faces claiming their titles.

After the fairy tale Wrestlemania that WWE put on, giving the briefcase to Lesnar is a controversial choice. Assuming he actually has the briefcase (as there's questions about if he was a competitor) how they use the briefcase will be very important. We'll see what happens, but for one night, WWE left their fans dismayed.

The rest of Money in the Bank:

-The women's Money in the Bank briefcase was won and then later cashed in on Sunday night. Bayley ended up winning the briefcase after it looked like Mandy Rose would get a heavily assisted win from Sonya Deville. However, Bayley was able to stop her and win the belt. Later in the night, Becky Lynch beat Lacey Evans before immediately having to face Charlotte. Evans would later get involved with the match, which allowed Charlotte to pick up the win and take the Smackdown women's title. After the match, the two assaulted Lynch until Bayley made the save. After she helped fight off the assault, she cashed in on a fallen Charlotte to win the Smackdown women's title.

-Kofi Kingston successfully retained his title after a hard-fought match with Kevin Owens. The match was pretty cut-and-dry, and it looks like Kofi may move on from Kevin Owens after this match.

-Seth Rollins also won his match with AJ Styles. This match featured some wild reversals and sequences, and several moments where it seemed like either competitor could win. Finally, Rollins hit the stomp for the win. The two shook hands after.

Kofi Kingston, an 11-year veteran of WWE, went one-on-one with reigning champion Daniel Bryan at Elimination Chamber on Sunday night.

-Elias attacked Roman Reigns in the back before their match. He then came out and did his normal routine of insulting the crowd. Reigns eventually came out and beat Elias in mere seconds with a Superman Punch and a Spear.

-Tony Nese beat Ariya Daivari in the rare main-card Cruiserweight Title match. While the match was good, most of the fans weren't behind it, creating a weird atmosphere.

-Shane McMahon once again beat The Miz in their steel cage match. While The Miz got in most of the offense, Shane repeatedly tried to escape. He finally got over the top, and when Miz caught him by his shirt, Shane slipped out of it, falling to the ground to win the match.

-Rey Mysterio beat Samoa Joe in a shockingly short match, and with some controversy, to win the U.S. title. Samoa Joe was busted open early in the match. Just two minutes into the match, Rey reversed a powerbomb attempted into a pin, and got the three count. However, Joe's shoulders were clearly up during the pin. Joe destroyed Rey after the match with Rey's son Dominick looking on.

-The Usos beat Daniel Bryan and Rowan on the preshow in a non-title match.

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