Terrell Suggs on Ravens-Steelers rivalry: 'We wanted to kill Hines Ward'

Two things that never get old: Terrell Suggs, and Terrell Suggs talking about his feelings for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bleacher Report profiled the Ravens outside linebacker Tuesday, and when he wasn’t talking about “The Godfather,” he was recounting his old AFC North grudges.


Back in 2016, Suggs told Sports Illustrated that he “hated” former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward. He called him a “villain.” All of which is tame compared with what he told Bleacher Report.

“We’re going to talk [expletive]. We’re going to back it up,” Suggs, 35, said of the Ravens-Steelers rivalry. “We might get into a fight while we’re doing something. You know what I'm saying. It was personal. It was personal. We wanted to kill Hines Ward. I had to threaten him before every play like, ‘If you crack me, I swear to God I'm going to break your [expletive] neck.’ ”


In 2008, Ward broke Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers’ jaw with a high blind-side block, prompting the NFL’s approval of the so-called “Hines Ward Rule.” The threat of such violence agitated Suggs, he told Bleacher Report.

“I swear to God, if you hit me like that, I’m getting thrown out of the [expletive] league,” Suggs recalled saying to Ward.

Now, though, six years after Ward retired, Suggs says he’s come to respect his former rival, in part because “you’d love a tough [expletive] like that on your team.”

Among Suggs’ other targets:

» Former Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., who used to shout, “None of you [expletive] are going to cover me!” during the Ravens’ pregame stretch. Said Suggs: “Kellen Winslow, if I ever catch this [expletive] coming across the window, I’m going to kill him.”

» NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. “This guy gets paid more than any coach, any player,” Suggs said. “I would definitely change everything about that. I just don’t agree with it. It’s my personal stance on it. … Before I thought he was just a dictator who showed his favoritism. They've stripped some of the things that he's done, but I don't know. I'm just not a fan of the commissioner.”

» The plot of “The Godfather: Part III.” “I would have retold that story somehow — Michael [Corleone] doesn’t want his son in the family business, but his son ends up taking over the reins anyway. I would’ve done that. Full circle.”

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