Over the past decade, the Orioles have had a problem with America's birthday

While America celebrates the Fourth of July, it’s a holiday that hasn’t given much reason for the Orioles to cheer.

Over the past 10 years, the Orioles have a 3-7 record in games played on the Fourth of July, which includes a loss in 2014’s makeup against the Boston Red Sox. It was postponed July 4 because of rain and played the next morning.


Against the National League, the Birds fare even worse.

The past two July 4th games were interleague play, a nighttime loss against the Milwaukee Brewers and a daytime loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Both were away games, just like today’s game in Philadelphia.


Matched up strictly against the American League, Baltimore has a relatively better 3-5 record. That includes a pair of losses to the Chicago White Sox, a victory over the Seattle Mariners, a loss to the Los Angeles Angels and two-game splits with the Red Sox and Texas Rangers.

Two of the three American League wins came before manager Buck Showalter. In the Showalter Era, late 2010 to present day, the Orioles have a 1-6 Fourth of July mark.

The last time the Orioles picked up a win on America’s birthday was in 2012. That was, coincidentally, the last time they played at home.

Perhaps just as surprising as the Orioles’ poor showing on the Fourth in the past decade is how many times they’ve celebrated the holiday at home. That would be once, a 10-4 win over the Rangers in 2008. They are 2-7 on the road, which does not exactly bode well for today.

A log of the Orioles’ Fourth of July record since 2008:

2017 — Brewers beat the Orioles, 6-2


2016 — Dodgers beat the Orioles, 7-5

2015 — White Sox beat the Orioles, 3-2

2014 — Red Sox beat the Orioles, 3-2 (July 5 make-up of July 4 rainout)

2013 — White Sox beat the Orioles, 3-2

2012 — Orioles beat the Mariners, 4-2

2011 — Rangers beat the Orioles, 13-4


2010 — Orioles beat the Red Sox, 6-1

2009 — Angels beat the Orioles, 11-4

2008 — Orioles beat the Rangers, 10-4