'Next time...Camden Yards will get our money': Nationals fans look north after silly delay

The Washington Nationals' game Thursday night against the Atlanta Braves was delayed three hours for Buck Showalter's least favorite kind of inclement weather: the invisible kind.

The National League East battle, set for a 7:05 p.m. start, was delayed for over an hour of clear skies (officially, "approaching weather") before the tarp came out.


The tarp stayed dry for a while. Then it rained a little. Then it stopped. No fun was had.

At 10:10 p.m., after droves of fans left and candy was given to those who'd stayed and a substitute national-anthem singer was summoned, the game officially began.


This … this did not please everyone. In the battle for the hearts and minds of Mid-Atlantic baseball fans, the Orioles won by not having to do anything. (The Orioles also lost the game they were playing, 6-4.) (It was their fourth straight defeat; they are not a very good team.)

Among others complaints from the possibly disaffected:

  • @RachelLaurenC25 wondered: β€œHow many nats fans have converted to o's after this [manure] show?”

On Facebook, a forum of equally civil discourse, fans expressed their displeasure in measured tones.

"8 tickets, $30 in parking, $125 in food, $20 in cotton candy and I'm sure I'm forgetting something... for.absolutely.nothing!!," Tia Williams Ayoroa wrote on the team's Facebook page. "Our 6 and 7 year old can't stay awake for a 10:15 start! Shame on you for not making the decision about a delay 2 hours earlier. And SHAME ON YOU for not bothering to update your fans that came out to the game who were waiting in the stands for word!!"

To which Lori Piland Hamilton replied: "They obviously don't care about their fans, what about the ones who take the metro to the park... yeah we wasted a whole lot time money and time (3 1/2 hours each way) next time will go watch the O's play!"

"We wasted $80 tics (plus $75 for food) on the game tonight," wrote Kaci Mahan Brown. "Very upset...we fly back to KY first thing in the morning so left about 9:30. The Braves were even knocking the delay on Twitter! Ridiculous! Poor afraid you lost several fans tonight! Def. Showed your lack of value/respect for your fans. Next time...Camden Yards will get our money!"

The Nationals have completed a trade with every franchise in baseball but the Orioles since the Montreal Expos' relocation, according to The Washington Post. I guess it's fitting that the only real kind of swaps we see between the teams now are among fans.

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