Kobe Bryant saw his first swimming race at the 2008 Beijing Games, where Michael Phelps won an Olympic-record eight gold medals. On Sunday night, he attended and presented at his first Golden Goggles Awards, with Phelps by his side.

As the Los Angeles Lakers great reminisced about the games’ opening ceremony, he got Phelps to acknowledge that the magnitude of the moment “never gets old.”


That was his opening.

“That being said,” Bryant said, “since it never gets old — ”

“Stop,” Phelps said, knowing what was about to come. “Don’t go there.”

“Would you like just one more time? Not me, you. You’re in much better shape than I am, dude.”

“No. No, no, no. I’d rather be sitting in the stands during the next one and watching all of you.”

Bryant should know a good exit when he sees it; he scored 60 points in a career-capping Lakers win last year. Phelps’ last race was a gold-medal-winning relay.

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