World Championship Wrestling heavyweight Bill Goldberg puts Scott Hall to the mat during a match July 6, 1998 in Atlanta.
World Championship Wrestling heavyweight Bill Goldberg puts Scott Hall to the mat during a match July 6, 1998 in Atlanta. (ERIK S. LESSER / Associated Press)

WWE announced the first member of its 2018 Hall of Fame class Monday, and, unsurprisingly, Bill Goldberg will be the headliner.

There was never a doubt about Goldberg entering the Hall of Fame. After last year's run, during which Goldberg won the WWE Universal title, he is a natural fit for this year's class. In WWE, Goldberg is a former Universal champ as well as a World Heavyweight champion. However, it was what he did in WCW that puts him in this Hall of Fame. His 173-match win streak is still talked about today, and beating Hollywood Hogan for the WCW title in the Georgia Dome still lives on as one of the most iconic moments of the Monday Night Wars.


Now that we know the headliner for this year's Hall of Fame class, who will induct him? There are a few strong possibilities, and one that just feels right.

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The first name that comes to mind is Hulk Hogan. Goldberg's biggest moment of his career was beating Hogan at the Georgia Dome for the WCW title. However, there is a big shadow hanging over that possibility. Hogan has not done anything with WWE since his sex tape leaked online. While people do expect Hogan to reappear in WWE eventually, having it be as part of the headlining act of their Hall of Fame celebration might not be the time and place to do it.

Brock Lesnar is also a possibility. Goldberg's last run revolved around him and Lesnar, and the two have a close relationship. But there are two problems here. Lesnar isn't exactly known as the best speaker, and the inductor for the headliner usually has a pretty long time slot to fill. Plus, Lesnar is not someone who often participates in these events. While it would make sense from a relationship standpoint, it's hard to see him getting the nod.

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Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson could end up being WWE's top choice. The Rock was the first person Goldberg faced when he finally arrived in WWE, and the word was that it was The Rock who convinced Goldberg to sign with WWE. The Rock would also help sell tickets and draw viewers who want to see “The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment” speak. The question here would be less about whether WWE would want him, and more if The Rock is available. Even when The Rock appears at Mania, he's arriving that Sunday. Would he be available for a full weekend? We'll see.

Finally, the person I think will end up inducting Goldberg is Eric Bischoff. Last year, Bischoff inducted Diamond Dallas Page into the Hall of Fame, and he continues to have a good relationship with the company. The reasons are obvious. He was the one who brought Goldberg in and created the booking for Goldberg's streak. He, as much as anyone, knows what Goldberg meant to WCW, and can properly explain it. Plus, we know he can talk. The only hesitation is that he was an inductor last year. Would they go back-to-back with him? My guess is yes.