Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco started his post-game press conference. (Kevin Richardson / Baltimore Sun video)

The Ravens can be a pretty bland team for a fan base to sink their teeth into.

Then Sunday happened.


The Ravens put up 40+ points, solidified (for the moment) their standing in the NFL playoff race, and showed a little personality on and off the field.

It started with in-game celebrations.

First, there was the tug-of-war on an Alex Collins touchdown.

Then it was a little dancing after a Terrell Suggs sack.

Late in the game, safety/shooting guard Eric Weddle hit a game-clinching six-pointer, so to speak.

And after the game, Joe Flacco had a little snack.

Specifically, he gnawed on a W, a la Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston — whose pre-game huddle video went viral in recent weeks.

Flacco was apparently coaxed into doing his own W tasting on Sunday. Here’s a clip from the post-game news conference.

For comparison sake, here’s Winston’s video clip that inspired Flacco’s post-game show.

So what was your favorite highlight Sunday? One of the celebrations? The W itself? Or Flacco sinking his teeth into the W?

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