Former Oriole Sammy Sosa has a new look, and it's ... different

Athletes change in retirement. They maybe become more outspoken. They might lose weight, or put it on. They become fathers and make real estate deals and even work for Barstool Sports.

Then there’s Sammy Sosa.

Above is the former Chicago Cubs star as a new Oriole in 2004.

And here’s what he looked like during a recent ESPN Deportes interview.

The Michael Jackson-esque transformation is likely due to a facial cream. Sosa said in 2009 that he uses a bleaching cream to soften his skin, with the (unintended?) consequence of blanching his face.

“I'm not a racist, I live my life happily," a smiling Sosa said then.

That doesn't explain the shirt or the hat, though.

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