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Lamar Jackson has many talents; drawing the Ravens logo is not one of them

Lamar Jackson can run a sub-4.4-second 40-yard dash. He’s thrown a football nearly the length of a field. He has a Heisman Trophy.

But one thing the Ravens rookie quarterback cannot do — not yet, anyway — is draw a Raven. When the NFL asked some of its top draft picks to reproduce, from memory and in 60 seconds, the logos of their new teams, the art world suffered.

Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield fared best, because brown is brown. Detroit’s Kerryon Johnson drew a four-legged, stick-figure Lion facing the wrong way. Atlanta’s Calvin Ridley produced a porkchop, not a Falcon. Miami’s Mike Gesicki got the colors and shape of the Dolphins wrong.

And Jackson? Well ...

“Did you nail any of it?”


"Anything on there you think you can do better on next time?"


Fair to say that the next time Jackson hears “draw,” he’ll be hoping it’s the other kind.

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