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Weird ESPN graphic turns Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco into a dancing raven

A season with more interceptions than touchdowns and no 300-yard passing games isn’t one to celebrate. Joe Flacco knows this.

But what’s stopping 3-D Cartoon Raven Joe Flacco from doing a little dance? Only your imagination ... and the budget of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

Flacco finished with six carries for 42 yards in a 23-16 win Monday over the Houston Texans, but these were the best moves of the night. And the most bizarre. I have so many questions.

Why is he shedding so much?

Are the wings affixed to his uniform, or do they jut through a custom-made jersey?

Why doesn’t he fly when he flaps his wings?

So are his wings merely ornamental, then?

Does he just get tired at the end?

What does the actual raven in the corner think of him?

Why does he still need a hand warmer?

What are those five golden footballs doing there at the end?

Did he … did he lay them?

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