Your Turn: Top five players in Ravens history

Earlier this week Mike Duffy and Ryan Mink of revealed the final five members of their all-time top 50. They were: Peter Boulware (No. 5), Matt Stover (No. 4), Ed Reed (No. 3), Jonathon Ogden (No. 2) and Ray Lewis (No. 1).

The authors note that rankings are based on player contributions while in a Ravens uniform, thus former greats who rolled through Baltimore — think Deion Sanders and Vinny Testaverde — don’t count.

There seems to be a consensus on the top three, but is No. 4 too high for a kicker? As good as Stover was, does he deserve to be ranked above Boulware (the Ravens all-time sack leader) and Jamal Lewis (the Ravens all-time leading rusher)?

So now it's your turn: Who are the top five players in Ravens history, and why?

Robbie Levin, a Northwestern student, is an intern at The Baltimore Sun. Our fine interns will contribute guest posts to Baltimore Sports Blitz this summer. Contact Levin at

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