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During the punt, Upshaw was one of six Ravens players rushing the punter, and he was lined up on the far right side of the Jets line. Because Upshaw didn't block the punt, his next task was to turn back up the field and pick off any free runners on the far side of the field if Jones was able to break a return. "Jacoby, I saw him about to bounce it and I got in position where I could make a block," Upshaw said. Soon, the play would be coming his way. Tandon Doss, who was one of two players the Ravens had lined up deep, was leading Jones up the field as he made his way from the left sideline to the right sideline. "Pretty much all year, punt returns have been well, even with Tandon back there [returning punts]," Jones said. "Those dudes do a great job blocking. Hats off to them. All I do is see the lane and run." As Jones crossed his 30-yard line, Jets linebacker Troy Davis was running horizontally across the field to try to tackle Jones. He did not see Upshaw flying toward him at full speed from the opposite direction.
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