Your turn: Has the Baltimore media gone soft on the Orioles?

Our media critic, David Zurawik, ruffled some feathers on Monday when he wrote a piece about how the recent struggles of the Orioles have made the games completely unwatchable on television. Bad baseball is one thing, he said, but he can no longer take MASN analysts sugarcoating the team’s poor performance.

In his well-written, well-thought-out rant, Zurawik critiqued the Baltimore sports media in general, saying that we have gone soft on the Orioles, who have endured 13 consecutive losing seasons -- and counting.

“It certainly is not at the top of the list, but I believe that one of the reasons people like Vladimir Guerrero come to Baltimore and play so poorly is that the media is so soft on them,” Zurawik wrote. “If Baltimore talk shows hosts and analysts went after ball players here when they are lazy or stupid or fail in the clutch the way our media counterparts in New York or Boston do, I bet we'd get a much better effort out of them.”

If you listened to “The Norris and Davis Show” on 105.7 The Fan on the way to work Tuesday, you would have thought Zurawik had addressed his piece to Steve Davis. That’s how defensive he was.

But Davis made a good point when he said that like many fans, the media has become apathetic when it comes to the team. We expect the worst, so it’s hard to get too riled up when we get it.

You all read this newspaper, whether it’s in print or online. You probably watch the games on television or listen to the radio, too. And you might also tune in to sports talk radio for Orioles analysis.

Your turn: Has the Baltimore media gone soft when it comes to the Orioles? And how does it compare to the coverage of the Ravens?

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