Your turn: How will you survive with only baseball to follow?

The start of summer means more barbecues, weddings and trips to the beach, which is probably a good thing considering that the most barren stretch on the sports calendar runs from late June until the start of NFL training camps. And it’s even worse this year because there is no timetable for when two-a-days will begin.

When the NBA and NHL playoffs finished up within days of each other, we were left with just baseball, which won’t start heating up until the trade deadline in late July. Under normal circumstances, we would have the Ravens to speculate about. We would talk about who looked good in OTAs. How the new free agents would be integrated into the team. Which players we are targeting in our fantasy football leagues.

But with the offseason interrupted by labor strife, we aren’t sure which players will become free agents and we have no idea how much salary cap room teams will have to sign those players who may or may not be on the open market. So we’re stuck speculating about speculation. And talking about the latest player to bash Joe Flacco. And checking the Internet every hour to see if this lockout has finally come to an end.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some football, personally and professionally. Trust me, I want to be talking about the action on the field, and not things like the bull-riding, gator-wrestling escapades of Chad Ochocinco. (OK, fine, I want to do both.) But here’s hoping the season starts on time -- for my blog’s sake.

In the meantime, we don’t have much to choose from when the Orioles aren’t playing. We have the majors in tennis and golf, and I think I read somewhere that the women’s World Cup is happening right now. You can bet your vuvuzelas that most Americans won’t tune in for that, at least not until the knockout round.

So what are you doing to survive this desolate time on the sports calendar? Are you getting into a new sport on TV? Are you addicted to video games like I am? Have you decided to lock yourself out from the sports world until the players and the owners finally announce that there is real football for us to debate again?

Your turn: How are you surviving with only baseball to follow?

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